Wednesdays, Rhodes 310, 12:15- 1:15

February 18
Prof Ulrik Jorgensen
Center for Design, Innovation, and Sustainable Transitions, Allborg University
“Danish Ethics: Engineering and Values in Denmark”

February 25
Prof. Chris Schaffer
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University
“The Startling Conclusion about Problems in Federal Science Policy: It’s Our Fault”

March 4
Corey Earl
Office of Alumni Affairs, Cornell University
“Ethical Case Studies from Cornell University History”

March 11 – 4:30 – Phillips 101
Bovay Lecture in History and Ethics of Engineering
Prof. Bernard Carlson, Dept. of Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
“The Ethics of Innovation Hype: Reflections on Nikola Tesla’s Career.”

March 18
Prof. Larry Bucciarelli
Dept. of Science and Technology Studies, MIT
“A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies in Engineering – Part II”

March 25
Prof. Iakovos Vasiliou
Dept. of Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center
“Ethics and Ethical Deliberation: What We can Learn from Socrates”

April 8
Dr. Will Thomas
Senior Historian, History Associates
“Operations Research, Systems Analysis, and Responsibility: Issues in the Social Relations of Mid-Twentieth-Century Engineering and Policy Analysis”

April 15
Dr. Park Doing
Bovay Program in Engineering Ethics, Cornell University
“Robot Ethics: For the Future or for Now?”

April 22
Prof. George Lucas
Dept. of Ethics and Public Policy, U.S. Naval Academy Post Graduate School
“Weaponized Drones? On the Ethics of Automated Decision Making on the Battlefield”


Spring 2015 Bovay Seminar Series