Wednesdays, Rhodes 310, 12:15- 1:15

February 17
Dr. Park Doing
Bovay Program in History and Ethics of Engineering
“The Takata Air Bag Case: An Ethics of Data Presentation?”

February 24
Dr. Sandra Steingraber
Dept. of Environmental Studies and Science, Ithaca College
“Updates on the Los Angeles Methane Leak and Seneca Gas Storage”

March 2
Prof. Marc Bohlen, Prof. Tero Karppi
Dept. of Media Study, University of Buffalo
“Why There is No Robot Ethics”

March 9
Dr. Sarah Grossman
SEAP Publications, Cornell
“Ethics at the Birth of the Engineering: The Great Arizona Diamond Hoax”

March 16
Vera Khovanskaya
Dept. of Information Science, Cornell
Open Source in a Closed World

March 23
Prof. Mary Besharov
School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell
“The Evolution of Social-Business Hybrid Organizations”

April 6
Katherine Herleman
Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell
Displacing Environmental and Occupational Health Risks from the Global North to the Global South: Examining Inadvertent Effects of the Fossil Fuel Phase-Out

April 19 – 4:30 – Phillips 101
Annual Bovay Lecture
Prof. Amy Slaton
Department of History and Politics, Drexel University
“Race, Gender, and Disability in American Engineering Education: Why STEM Diversity Must and Cannot Work”

Spring 2016 Bovay Seminar Series