Ethics Across the Curriculum

Ethics Across the Curriculum

The Ethics Across the Curriculum initiative in the Bovay Program is designed to engage upper level students and engineering professors with issues in engineering ethics that are particularly relevant to their own disciplines. The Bovay Program works with engineering professors in upper level design courses in designing lectures, seminars, and assignments for the students that align with the topics covered in the courses. Through this initiative, the Bovay Program develops ongoing relationships with engineering professors who are then able to themselves bring ethical issues into their courses as an integrated aspect of engineering education.

Fall 2014 Ethics Across the Curriculum

Activities for Fall 2014: ENGRG 3910 – Engineering Leadership Lab – Dr. Erica Dawson – Lecture/Led Discussion on Technical Decision Making in Organizations MAE 4300 – Professional Practice in Mechanical Engineering – Dr. John Callister...

Fall 2013 Ethics Across the Curriculum

Fall 2013 Engineering Course Guest Lectures Electrical and Computer Engineering 5010 – Prof. Peter Jessel  – Case Study – Hewlett Packard Succession Case Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4300 – Dr. John Callister – Case Study of Space Shuttle Challenger...