Bovay Lecture Series

The Bovay Lecture Series

The Bovay Lecture is a campus-wide talk sponsored by the Bovay Program designed to interest the different engineering disciplines as well as different academic departments in an issue pertaining to engineering ethics. Speakers are involved in topics and issues that are timely and relevant to a broad audience. Speakers have come from industry, have also been involved with technology policy issues, and have also been humanist analysts of science and technology in society. Students and professors are given opportunites to meet and interact with the Bovay speaker outside of the Bovay Lecture in order to further the engagement of the Bovay program with the Engineering College and the campus at large.

Spring 2018 Bovay Lecture

The 2018 Bovay Lecture in Engineering Ethics Wednesday, April 18, 4:45 PM Phillips Hall 101 Students welcome! Refreshments provided. Dr. Gretchen Goldman ’06 Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy Union of Concerned Scientists Scientists, Advocates,...

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Spring 2017 Bovay Lecture

Simulating your way to Mars: A brief history of engineering simulation in Mars exploration Dr. Erik Conway Historian, Jet Propulsion Laboratory March 29, 4:30PM, Phillips...

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Spring 2016 Bovay Lecture

Race, Gender, and Disability in American Engineering Education: Why STEM Diversity Must and Cannot Work Prof. Amy Slaton Department of History and Politics, Drexel University April 19, 4:30, Phillips...

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Spring 2015 Bovay Lecture

The Ethics of Innovation Hype: Reflections on Nikola Tesla’s Career Prof. Bernard Carlson Deptartment of Engineering and Society University of Virginia March 11, 4:30, Phillips...

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Spring 2011 Bovay Lecture

The Professional Scientist and Engineer: Ethics and Advocacy in Science Policy Ezra Heitowit¬†¬†Ph.D. ’71, Applied and Engineering Physics Member of the House Science Committee Vice President of the Universities Research Association Tuesday April 12, 4:30,...

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Spring 2009 Bovay Lecture

Enernet: What Energy Can Learn from the History of the Internet Dr. Robert Metcalfe Tuesday, April 7 Dr. Robert M.Metcalfe’s career is technological innovation, where he is best known for inventing Ethernet (1973), founding 3Com (1979), and writing eight years...

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