Ethics, Service Learning and Scholarship Workshop 2010

Park Doing and students around a conference table

On April 23, 2010 the Bovay Program hosted an afternoon workshop titled “Ethics, Service Learning and Scholarship”. The workshop was attended by 17 students from the student groups ‘Engineers for a Sustainable World’, Partnership for Honduran Health’, and the ‘National Society for College Scholars’.

Park Doing led off the workshop with a talk about the role of ethics and values in scholarship. After that, representatives from the three groups each described the projects the they are involved with and then the whole group discussed the role of ethics in service learning and scholarship. The group felt that a curriculum that was more integrated with ethical considerations and ideas from service learning should be pursued.



“I really enjoyed it!”
Julie Yang – National Society of College Scholars


“It was really interesting having different people talk.”
Marion Robine – Partnership for Honduran Health