ENGRG 1050

The ENGRG 1050 initiative of the Bovay Program is designed to introduce first year engineering students to ethical issues in engineering. In collaboration with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the Engineering College, the Bovay Program visits individual sections of the first year professional advising course, ENGRG 1050, which all first year students are required to take. The Bovay program works with the faculty advisor for each section in order to design a lecture or seminar that covers broad issues as an introduction to engineering ethics, but also appeals to the particular disciplinary bent of each group. It is in this way that the Bovay program intitially contacts the majority of the first year students in the engineering college.

ENGRG 1050 Faculty advisors are encouraged at the start of each year through the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education to contact Park Doing (pad9) or Ron Kline (rrk1) to initiate discussion about Bovay Program participation in their section.

2013 ENGRG 1050

In the Fall 2013 semester, the Bovay Program gave sessions for 23 Engineering 1050 First Year Engineering Experience classes, averaging 18 students each.  An introduction to the Bovay Program in Engineering Ethics was given, along with an overview of topics in...

2012 ENGRG 1050

In the Fall of 2012, the Bovay Program gave guest lectures in the following ENGRG 1050 classes. ENGRG 1050 is a class designed to introduce first year students to the Engineering college and to Engineering. For each class, an overview of issues in Engineering Ethics...